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    Cycling for the living 

    Six-months cycling from France

    to rejoin the Jan Satyagraha non-violent March for Justice,

    to be held in India on October 2012


    Uniting territories for globalizing solidarity
    "You need a critical mass to possibly make a change." Rajagopal 

    In India, as everywhere on earth, resources and common goods “are now being monopolized by investors with the consent of governments”.
    Then, this cycling venture is aimed at binding several territories in their struggle for more justice. Beside the pleasure of traveling, the goal is to convey the values ​​of the Ekta Parishad movement to generate a global solidarity.

    Riding a bike is walking with pedals
    We will cycle to promote a society which would actually be based on solidarity, generosity and sharing, a society that would celebrate “slow and happy”-ness, one that would take true decisions to protect the environment as well as a social justice: a sustainable society for generations to come.

    The current model of living is not sustainable
    This trip for solidarity will certainly not represent a sporting challenge:
    The current “sportization” of the world is probably the most powerful ideology of our civilization, the driving force of profit and control.
    This blind competition between individuals, companies and nations just stands for an “all against all” war.

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, (…) " and then you live! (To dare paraphrasing Mahatma Gandhi formula that ended with: "and then you win!")


    “I am not a competitor”